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Shred Stupefy Walnuts (+spare lens) Solbriller stealth reflect 355233

  • Model: 355233
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Product Description:

Truly oversized and effectively frameless, the STUPEFY is a spherical goggle designed to bring vision clarity to an inverted world. Shreds proprietary NODISTORTION™ lens technology and NO BS™ Lens Replacement System offers you perfect and adaptable vision to see yShred's own path to a boundless world, while the STUPEFY´s clean design and strong colors will forever make a bold statement.

  • NODISTORTION™ - Shred designed a small valve to equalize the pressure between the lenses and the outside, and they use a high tech PORON™ filter to keep moisture out. So the lens doesn’t deform and yShred's vision is always crystal clear.
  • NO BS™ - Shreds new lens replacement system, crafted through an updated mix of polyurethane with reduced friction parameters and improved installation notch shape and positioning gives riders the easy option to change their lenses, without breaking the bank and without sacrificing performance and durability.
  • Blocks 100% of all harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.
  • Shred designed the frame and the lenses’ geometry in order to allow you to see everything, and beyond.
  • SHRED’s new Tapered Foam allows for extreme comfort and universal fitting.
  • The double lens technology used in SHRED Optics goggles creates a thermal barrier that keeps the inner lens warm and dry. A special hydrophilic treatment on the inner lens allows the surface to absorb moisture before fog can form.
  • The Blue Whipped Cream Multilayer Face Foam provides extremely soft comfort, sweat management and extended durability.
  • The shape of SHRED goggles allows for the best integration with any kind of helmet.

stealth reflect

Dark gray base lens tint with a black mirrored finish. Cuts glare and reduces eye fatigue in bright, sunny conditions.

  • Filter category: 4
  • Transmittance of visible light: 8 %
aura reflect

Dark bronze base lens tint with a multi-layer Gold Mirror. Best for bright sunny to variable cloudy conditions by adding definition and cutting glare.

  • Filter category: 3
  • Transmittance of visible light: 12 %

Shred Stupefy Walnuts (+spare lens) Solbriller stealth reflect 355233